Privately owned upstream
oil and gas company

Focusing on acquiring and operating de-risked producing oil and gas fields
in Brazil currently being divested by Petrobras

Highlights of Assets

Onshore Fields
Drilled Wells
Million BBL VOIP
Pipeline (km)

About Us

Our first acquisition of 27 onshore fields has formed a platform that already ranks as one of the most relevant in Brazil onshore.

How It All Started

The company was established in 2020 when Seacrest Capital acquired the first 27 licenses in partnership with a highly regarded local team from Petrobras. The Brazil platform was then formed and holds a 100% working interest in the 27 fields, also known as the Cricaré cluster. Thus, Seacrest Petroleo.

Technical Expertise and Capital Discipline

We have a strong core team of experienced professionals with a skill mix expected from a long-standing Brazil operator Petrobras and the capital discipline typical of private equity investments from seasoned senior team and the board of directors.

Ready for More

Seacrest Petroleo has already met the Brazilian regulator ANP’s technical qualifications to operate onshore and shallow water licenses in Brazil. This Seacrest platform will be the vehicle for expansion in producing assets in Brazil and Latam.

Our Vision

Focus on Investors

At Seacrest Petroleo, we have a clear objective of delivering maximum value to our investors from those assets through a combination of commitment to high productivity, best ESG practices in the industry and disciplined investing.

Aim to Impact our Communities

We also have a goal of making a difference to the communities where we are present by contributing to human development. We firmly believe this to be consistent with value creation and with our purpose of existing.

Constant Search for Opportunities

In addition to re-developing the mature assets being acquired under Petrobras’ divestment process, we will continue to look for opportunities to expand the portfolio with investments in mid-life assets, onshore and offshore Brazil.

Build Strategic Relationships

As an operator, Seacrest Petroleo intends to maintain strategic long-term relationships with partners that contribute technology and creative solutions, whether operational or financial, to drive down costs to the lowest among her peers.

ESG Policies

At Seacrest Petroleo, ESG is at the core of our strategy as a tool to reduce risk and, consequently, increase value. The pillars are our Culture, our Corporate Governance model and, especially, our Ethics and Transparency.

Our Goals

No Accidents
No Harm to People
No Damage to the Environment
No Wrongdoings

Our Commitments

  • Our Environmental Commitments

    Annual reduction of at least 10% in our carbon footprint and 10% improvements in water management and energy per boe of production.

  • Our Social Commitments

    Our practices include fomenting basic education and health programs at community level, as well as training and opportunity for our collaborators to ascend professionally and as human beings.

  • Our Governance Commitments

    Highest standards of anti-corruption practices, transparency in financial reporting to all shareholders, functional ESG, fiscal/tax/finance and remuneration committees.

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